Common Sense SEO

Common Sense SEO

You might be wondering what the heck “Common Sense SEO” is all about…

Common Sense SEOSince, for most of us, SEO seems like voodoo performed by hedge doctors and black hatters spamming their links all over the place. But… You might remember the uproar over Google’s Panda and Penguin updates last year. Those two updates changed the face of Internet marking and SEO almost over night.

There is a new reality now – and most of the old tricks and short cuts do not work any more. In fact most of the SEO and software people are trying to sell you daily will outright hurt your rankings!

What you need to do instead is to apply some common sense and this free report will show you how:

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SEO is actually a lot easier and more simple now… but if you don’t know these new “Common Sense” strategies you are going to be left behind in the dust!

When you sign up on the page below – you’ll not only get the “Urgent Google Fix” (which
is a must have script…) you’ll also get a brand new 40 page report, detailing these new cutting edge Common Sense SEO strategies…

…and quite frankly this free report is a lot better than what most people are trying to sell you!

Reading the report helped me a lot and I highly recommend that you grab your free copy too – I know you will enjoy it.

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Breaking News: Google Admits To Massive Flaw… (and how to fix it)

Railway Track Split

There is a major problem with the way Google tracks the bounce rate and average time spent on your site. Essentially Google’s tracking favors the big authority sites, and this is very likely hurting your blogs (big time!)

Railway Track SplitNot only are you getting skewed stats – but since bounce rate and time spent on site are among the most important ranking factors after the Panda/Penguin updates… Your blogs are likely taking a hit on their ranking and you are missing out on a lot of free traffic.

Thankfully there is a very easy (and Google approved) solution to this problem – and you can download it for free here, courtesy of the IM Wealth Builders.

The solution is of course completely white hat, using Google’s own API in the way they want you to use it. The IM Wealth Builders have tested this extensively and the results are very clear.

  • It will improve the accuracy of your stats
  • It will almost always lower your bounce rate
  • Time spent on your site will almost always go up
  • And every single site the IM Wealth Builders   implemented this on – increased in ranking and   got more traffic as a result.

Can you afford not to implement it on your blogs?
Ignore this at your own peril…

When you sign up for you free download today, you’ll not only get this must have solution… You’ll also get:

  • A full step-by-step video tutorial on how to implement it
  • A brand new 40 page PDF with 4 easy steps for more free traffic
  • Plus a preview of a cutting edge new strategy that can propel   you to the top of Google, without you having to build any links or write a single word… ever!

All this is available for free at this page – but only for a very limited time!

I highly recommend that you grab your free download today!

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Early Bird Access to Best Online Marketing Training Package

Brian Barnhouse, a successful Internet marketer who built himself up on his own, is about to release this incredible package:

  • Earn Mony With Your Computer$2,100 in 21 Days over the shoulder detailed training
  • $10K in 60 Days over the shoulder detailed training
  • Step by step success training for online marketing
  • Ad Tracker with LIFETIME access
  • Autoresponder – free for life
  • Q&A access

and much more…

When it opens to the public he will be charging $97 and will allow last chance entries for $197 before it will be closed for good.


For 1 day only, on February 1st, he is going to open it for an early bird price of only $37. For a LIFETIME membership!

Check out the video where he is showing everything you’ll be getting with this program.

And while you are there, signup for the early bird list and get a great free video series where you’ll learn, among other things:

  • The 1, 2, 3 Formula
  • The 80/20 Rule!

And MUCH more…

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To your success,

Ely Shemer

Why 97% fail to make a dime of profit online

I’ve been following Brian Barnhouse for a few years now, checking out what he is up to and how he is building his business.

Who is Brian Barnhouse you may ask… And rightly so, as so few have heard of him. Brian did it his way, the hard way, but he did it. He figured it out and developed a successful online business. His story is nothing like any of those self proclaimed “gurus”.

Here is what Brian have to say, on why 97% fail to make a dime of profit online:

  1. Bad “EvE Ratio”
  2. Not applying the 80/20 rule
  3. Don’t know the THREE main items regarding successful internet marketing
  4. Don’t use the Tools Of The Trade (probably don’t KNOW what they are).
  5. Trying to reinvent the wheel, instead of following a recipe.

If you want No Hype, No Fluff, and NO B.S…listen to what the guy have to say:

Watch this short video

My Birthday Wishes (yes, it’s my birthday today :) )

Thank you for the birthday wishes
(I’m sure you have some of those for me today 🙂 )

If there is one thing I feel strongly about, more so as the years go by, is wanting to feel I did not miss-out. We all have wants and desires, dreams and goals we have been setting up for ourselves over the years. I don’t know about you, but I started thinking about the time passing by and how many of those desires and dreams have not been fulfilled yet. I hate the feeling of missing out and I’m willing to work hard to avoid feeling that.

Many, me included, as we start out in IM tend to jump from one thing to the next, looking for the one system, product, venture that will create the breakthrough we need. This, of course, will not get us anywhere. One needs to chose a path and focus on making that path work for you.

This year started for me with a big project I was doing with a friend. I’ve worked hard on it for several months and unfortunately was not able (yet) to get it off the ground. I did not totally abandoned it (I still think there is great potential there) but I needed to find something else to get the money coming in.

This leads me to the second big project I have this year, which is setting up Amazon affiliate websites for sale. You can find out all about it, here:

But this post is about my birthday wishes… So what are they?

  • I wish for my life to be filled with love, family and friends.
  • I wish to see success in my online endeavors (that means – make money 🙂 )
  • I wish for you to add your birthday wishes below this post – I love getting lots of birthday wishes!

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Have an awesome day!