Behavioral marketing – get ahead of the game with NASA technology

AIWIS launching June 14, 2017
Behavioral marketing is a brand new and highly innovative way of engaging with your website viewers based on multiple factors which can affect the message they get. AIWIS (launching on June 14, 2017) is a brand new saas application, which gives you the opportunity to interact with visitors based on their behaviors, either on the website, (such as pages visited, number of return visits, or even continuing conversations from other AIWIS locations). This means they can get an AR message with an offer, click on the link, and AIWIS will greet them by name and continue to talk about the offer to them. AIWIS launching June 14, 2017 AIWIS will:
  • Show an interactive face (like Dominos pizza)
  • Welcome the visitor
  • Engage the visitor by asking their name
  • Ask for their email
  • Collect name and email and add to an autorespoder
  • Gives the visitor the chance to stop or replay the voice and exit the face to go to the offer
  • Can engage with visitor using I.P information, and tell them which page they last visited, when they last visited and how to customise this.
The effect that this has on your visitor is nothing short of magic. Imagine how they respond when they are greeted by their name and location? Pleasantly surprised? Cared for? Even loved… There is nothing else out there that compares to this and the results that the beta testers have used have proven this. Check them out here: You even have the choice of male or female faces and a host of controls you can use to change the order and flow of the messages and even the language.
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