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Insta Funnel is a top quality product you are going to be proud to promote and your customers are going to thank you for it.

Here, in a nut-shell, are the main points you need to know (more details below):

  • Top quality, proven to convert product from a reputable developer / marketer - Brett Rutecky.
  • Earn $48.5 per sale. This is a well rounded product that need no upsells :)
  • Product is a fully-hosted software based business-in-a-box, complete funnel with lead magnet, AR and 6 other top products.

(For now, this is the sales video for Insta Funnel)

See what your customers are getting

This is quite simply the easiest way to make money online, its as close to a 'done for you' system as you can possibly get.

They literally need nothing else: No hosting, no website, no autoresponder, no product, its all done for them automatically!

Step 1: Use the provided, professionally designed squeeze page to give away a high quality WordPress plugin for free.

Step 2: When people optin to get the plugin they become their customer for life. They are hard coded for life by their IP address.

Step 3:  InstaFunnel will automatically send them a follow up email sequence using proven to convert emails that offer them additional products for sale.

Step 4: When any of their hard coded customers make a purchase from this sequence they will get 100% of the sales price!

A Complete Done For You Business With Everything They Need Provided Automatically.

No hosting needed, no product needed, no autoresponder needed, make affiliate sales that earn them 100% commissions on complete autopilot!

Bonus: your buyers are allowed to buy the 6 additional products offered in Insta Funnel through their own links!

Want to know more about Insta Funnel?

Watch the video below where Brett Rutecky show you how complete this system is, while being very simple to use!

Insta Funnel is a good fit for your business

Proven Sales Page

Insta Funnel's sales page was created, tested and tweaked by Brett Rutecky. Brett was using the Insta Funnel system himself, perfecting it for his own use. This guarantees your customers are getting a top notch done-for-you system!

Each sale will earn you $48.5 (50% on a $97 product).

Happy Customers

No upsells! This system is so well crafted, there is nothing more they need, to make it work for them!

The Insta Funnel system include a lead magnet and 6 other top quality products. The system will be selling those products for you customers, earning them 100% commission on all of them. They are also allowed to purchase the products through their own links, thus getting those 6 products for their own use, as a bonus!

Affiliate Through JVZoo

We are using JVZoo as the affiliate managing system so you know your commission is safe.


Below you will find an email swipe. We suggest you use it only as a base for your promo email and change it up to make it sound more like you would.

Subject suggestions:

  • A Complete Done For You Business With Everything You Need Provided Automatically
  • This is Quite Simply the Easiest Way to Make Money Online
  • Nobody Else is Going to Admit it - Revealed Inside...

Body suggestion:

In the time I've been working online, I learned something that I'm going to tell you right now. It's something that nobody else is going to admit to you. The simple truth is that it's not easy. It is a ton of hard work.

This is a problem that people just getting started have -  they are told over and over again that it's always so push button easy. But the truth of the matter is it's extremely difficult and a lot of hard work to start building an online business.

If you're just getting started it's even worse. It's really frustrating trying to find the time to do all this hard work. While still working out a regular job, while still fulfilling your regular obligations.

Most people just getting started have the drive and determination. They have the will. They just need a little bit of extra help. They just need a little bit of assistance to push them into success.

This is where this platform that has everything done for you come into play.

It's a system that allows people to build up their email list and also get paid a 100 percent affiliate commissions on top quality products. And best of all this is a completely automated system. With this system you don't need a squeeze page, you don't need a web site, you don't need an auto responder. You don't need to do anything except for a giveaway of quality free WordPress plugin, and then the system automatically takes control and does everything else completely automatically.

Go ahead and see how this works: [your affiliate link]

To your online success,
[your name]

Evergreen Offer Your Customers will Love

This offer is not going to go away in 4 days :) Whenever you have some free time in your marketing schedule, this is an excellent offer to mail out. High commission ($48.5 per sale), proven to sell well, product your customers will be thanking you for.

Give it a try and see for yourself!

I am an authorized re-seller for Insta Funnel which is currently not being sold by Brett himself.

Ely Shemer

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is the creator of this product?

A: Insta Funnel was created by Brett Rutecky, a highly respected developer and marketer. Brett was using it in his own business before he opened it for others to use.

Q: Can I have a discount coupon for my list?

A: No. This is the lowest price point this has ever been sold and it will not be discounted further.

Q: Do you have any other marketing materials I can use?

A: Get in touch with me and I will see what I can do to help. If you have an automated webinar system that you use, I can give you a recorded webinar.

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