Excited to finally get it started

You know how sometimes it’s difficult to get something started? You have all these thoughts and ideas getting you running around in circles, in your mind, and nothing is actually getting done. Well – this happened to me…

Having a personal blog is practically a must when you are becoming a marketer. The reason for that is simple – your main product is actually you. This is what you are trying to sell to others: you. A blog is an excellent way to get yourself branded, allowing people to get to know, like and trust you. For this is what it’s all about – people will follow and buy from someone they know, like and trust.

I have been meaning to get this blog started in a along time but somehow I was always distracted, being pulled away to other seemingly more pressing things. Remember we talked about how difficult it could be to start something? I needed a strong motivation to get it going. Finally I found it…

Just last week I joined Dean Holland’s Quick Start Challenge (Thank you Dean) where the first step in the challenge was to start your personal blog. How lucky am I :)

Since we are both here so you can get to know a little more about me I would love to share my story and have you follow me as I build my online business and grow as a marketer. I sincerely hope you will find my story interesting and maybe even learn a thing or two.

Are you still with me?
Thank you!

OK, let’s get started…

Affiliate Startup BlueprintI have been “working” online for three years, trying to generate income (which was my first mistake). And I was ambitious too – I started with selling my “own” product (got a really good PLR, updated it, created a website for it with upsells, an affiliate program and everything). Didn’t take me long to understand it’s not enough to simply “be there” to generate sales. I even tried setting up my own membership site (got a few friends to join for a while) but it was not long before I realized I was setting myself up to fail.

So I went back to the basics – building a list. And what better way to build a list then participating in JV Giveaway events. I did pretty well for a while: built a list of 4,000 subscribers and made a few dollars from special offers on the events. I was starting to be known in the giveaway circles and even wrote my own guide on how to succeed in giveaways. Got tired of it though, especially since everybody wanted to have their own event and we had a few running in parallel all the time.

How I earned $932.60 with a WSOThen I discovered the Warrior Forum. First WSO (Warrior Special Offer) I created didn’t do so well. The second one was a “hit” for me – made me my first $1,000 week! I was ecstatic :) I even wrote a special report about it (starting to see a pattern here?) which got great reviews but did not sell all that well.

Creating products is not easy for me. I’m a perfectionist and for me it’s difficult to just throw something together. On the other hand, anything technical is easy for me so armed with the knowledge I gathered over the years I devised several plans of action, for my next projects. One of those is something I’m very proud of (although it did not had its breakthrough yet) and I will share it with you in a coming post.

For the coming months my business goals are to start creating consistent monthly income of at least $2,000. That amount, being consistently earned monthly, is what I need to make my online business viable. From there, the next step I’m aspiring for is a $10K monthly income which would enable me to replace my day job with an online marketing career.

So here I am – armed with everything I learned over the last three years and on the verge of my first big breakthrough :) I’m thrilled and excited to have you joining me on my journey through this blog or maybe even join forces with me to do something together.

Please leave a comment below and let me know what you think.