How you can build a mobile app with no coding

When I came across the tool I’m sharing with you today, I was astounded!

For a long time I was playing around with the idea of a mobile app I wanted to build for my business. I knew exactly how it could benefit my business but was always deterred by the high cost and level of technical knowhow involved.

Not any more!

ShalomApps Builder is having a special deal where you pay a very low one time payment for a lifetime access, where you can build an unlimited number of mobile apps.

Not only does it allow you to easily build mobile apps for Android, iPhone, iPad and Kindle Fire but it also:

  • Has 150 built-in templates
  • Has 120 features to choose from
  • Does not require coding

You should check this deal out now, before they pull it down!

Special deal on ShalomApps Builder

I’m on VectorBag

I was invited to participate in a new graphics collection that’s very different than the others out there. It’s called VECTORBAG. Click the image to learn about the twist that makes it so different…

My contribution is in module 9 (scroll down to see it). Do let me know if you like it 🙂


The Ultimate Game of Life starts October 1st

Watch this short video to learn more:

I just got word that the “Ultimate Game of Your Life” is launching a new season.

If you haven’t heard about this, you NEED TO. It’s a breakthrough new game you play to earn more money, create more financial wealth, experience more happiness, relieve your stress, & all around live a life of total fulfillment.

The game combines the latest in human potential psychology, the latest gamification techniques, & really cool technology to make it fun for you to achieve your goals like never before.

If you want to do one of the most important things you’ve ever done…
… I recommend you play the Ultimate game of YOUR life. 🙂 I mean, really… what better game is there?

Registration opens up on Sept 23rd.

Get in now with a 50% discount and have fun while creating abundance, releasing stress and creating your dream life.

Where Have All The REAL Men Gone?

With male health at an all-time low, one woman believes she has the solution…

And whether you are a man or a woman who CARES about her man, you owe it to yourself to check out the highly critical information in this Groundbreaking and Controversial FREE Report here today:

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In her brand new “candid” report, my colleague and fitness expert, Carolyn Hansen explains that testosterone – the male hormone that puts hair on the chest, builds muscle and deep voices – is like the elixir of life for men.

Once testosterone levels begin to decline as a man emerges from his prime years the fix is in.

And it is just a matter of time before his testosterone levels drop to the point where the loss begins to affect all manner of physical and mental processes.

It is the reason Carolyn says it is so hard to find “real men” today.

“Unfortunately,” she says “our modern world is working hard to turn our men into women.”

What she means by that bold and controversial statement is that men’s bodies are being assaulted daily by a barrage of influences, (some chemical, some merely psychological) and these conditions are responsible for systematically shutting down testosterone.

This is especially noticeable in men who have reached the age of 40.

But Carolyn says the problem is not irreversible – far from it – and she’s detailed it all FREE right here:

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There are simple solutions that you are likely totally unaware of that can do wonders to reverse the effects of “aging” that most men believe is the root cause of their diminished male health and “performance”…

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Don’t allow your manhood and your life (or your man’s mojo) to slip away before their time!


Master Life’s Challenges – 75 Surefire Ways To Guarantee YOUR Success

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Personal Growth Mastery FiresaleIn an unprecedented move, my good friends Stephanie Mulac and Carolyn Hansen have assembled 75 of the most powerful, brand new and targeted resources available and you won’t believe how little it will take to call them your own!

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Ely Shemer

Free 20GB Cloud Storage

I wanted to ask you – are you using DropBox? You have at least heard of it, right?

If you haven’t, DropBox has become the De-facto standard for cloud based storage enabling you to store, share and synch data among devices. I am using DropBox for several years now and can’t really see myself being without it!

The only problem with DropBox is that the amount of free space you can get is limited. I find myself keep clearing space every few days 🙂

Today I learned about “Copy”, a new DropBox style service that gives you a whole lot free space to begin with – if you signup from my link and install on one machine – you get 20GB!

Signup Today, from here:

You get 15GB for the initial signup and install, plus 5GB for being referred by someone (who also get 5GB for referring you). Additionally, for everyone you refer (who register and install) you (and they) get an extra 5GB!

This is a limited time promotional campaign they are having for the launch of the new service so you should act on it now!

Step 1: Signup at this link

Step 2: Confirm your email address

Step 3: Install the software on one device

Step 4: Invite others with your own link

Team Building How to (part 1)

Building a team with the business opportunity you have joined seems to be an easy job. Unfortunately it is not, for several reasons:

  • People are expecting quick gratification – even though they have joined the program with you, people are skeptical about it’s success so they are looking for quick results. These usually do not happen so your team members may stop being active in the program or they may even leave.
  • People are not ready to be successful – most people, unconsciously, sabotage their own success. They may suffer from fear of failing, fear of succeeding, low self-worth or any other limiting belief.
  • People are self-centered and not ready for team work – working as part of a team sometimes mean you give up on immediate personal gains so you’ll reap higher rewards later on, as the team succeeds.
  • People are motivated by pain and pleasure – but mostly by pain. So if the pain they are suffering is not big enough they are not willing to get up and do something about it. Especially if that means giving up on pleasure…

Overcoming deep psychological barriers is not something we can help people with when we are working on building a team, not to mention the fact most are not qualified to do so. So what can we do to help our team members work with us and enjoy the success they deserve?

What I suggest we can do, as team leaders, is help our team members with some of the most difficult technical aspects of success they encounter while, at the same time, provide guidance and motivation.

When people start seeing success they are more inclined to stick around and benefit from the other changes they may experience with the team.

Looking at the most common “technical” reason people fail with their attempts to build a successful team is their inability to get others to join them. If do not really believe in your ability to succeed how can you attract others to join you?

I’d like to share with you how I’m tackling this issue and what I elected to do to help my team in that respect. As simple as the idea I’m going to tell you about is, I found it difficult for people grasp and see the benefit it has for them.

Many compensation plans are built in such a way that people need to have a certain number of personal referrals in order to qualify for compensation. Simply put – if they can not get a certain number of people to join them, they do not succeed.

The concept I’m introducing with my team is that we, as a team, make sure every team member will have his personal referrals whether they are the result of his own endeavor or the team’s.

Members of the team may be “giving up” on some small personal gain in order to have a successful team (which in turn brings a much bigger gain to us all).

To see a sample of how this concept is working, check out: The MLM Prosperity team website.