The Coal Wagon

The Flying Scotsman is a beautiful steam locomotive in the United Kingdom, at one time she was the fastest train in the world. She is powered by a steam engine, that is fuelled by coal. These days, it’s old technology, I’m sure you’ll agree. Right behind the locomotive is a coal wagon, this wagon is painted up to look much like the rest of the steam engine, but in actual fact, it is a separate wagon. The thing is, by itself it is useless, just a box with wheels for storing coal, the same is true of the steam engine, without the coal wagon, it’s a huge hunk of iron unable to even move. But together they make a steam locomotive, and at the height of the steam era, it was the fastest and most powerful steam locomotive in the world. But without the symbiotic relationship between the two both are nothing. The same is often true in our businesses and our lives. It’s not the core components by themselves that determine success, but how they interact together. It’s about the partnership and equilibrium the develop together that determines success. As Internet Marketers, we are reliant on our websites and campaigns but also the partners we have to not only source products to sell, but also to assist us in selling and marketing those products. Only working all together in symbiotic relationships can we all achieve the successes we are looking for. Lots of entrepreneurs and self-employed people will tell you that they built their companies, their success all by themselves. But if that is true, where did they get their products or services to sell? During the late nights, what about the husband, or wife, or significant other, that brought you that cup of tea, or stayed by you sometimes supported you while you were building that success? Much like the coal wagon behind the steam engine, they deserve an acknowledgement in your success story too. If you look at any situation honestly, there is always someone that lends you a hand along the way, or someone that you have lent a hand to. Every day in our lives and businesses we build the most important and most often underappreciated elements of our lives, we build relationships, symbiotic and otherwise. Success doesn’t come from doing everything by yourself, it comes from recognising when to reach out your hand and offer or accept assistance from the contacts around you. To some you may be the steam engine, to others the coal wagon, but together you are a great and beautiful steam locomotive. Take a minute today to reach out to those people who fuel your work.

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