Where is all my traffic? (or – a lesson in consistency)

Hords of traffic :)
{EAV:f062ea34d9f336ee} A few days after I started actively promoting my new blog I was already able to see the effect of my activities. Check out the graph below: Early days traffic There are two things which are evident at first sight:
  1. I am not yet at my target of 100 new visitors a day, however I get an average of 50 a day, which is not that bad for starters 🙂
  2. Following an initial surge, the traffic dropped a bit.
Where did my traffic go to? The traffic generation methods I was using (blog and forum commenting, social media posting, email promotions) are all anecdotal. They mostly bring traffic at the time of posting and then a little trickle, further down the line, until it stops all together. At first, this realization may be discouraging – will I need to do this forever? I have not signed up to being a slave to traffic generation… However, if you consider the long run, a few things will happen:
  • My “brand” (in this instance, my name) will get known and people will start seeking it out.
  • Some of the old posts will become “a must read” in my niche and be shared continuously (sometimes referred to as viral traffic).
  • The search engines will pick up the “buz” or “signature” of my online presence and associate my name with various keywords (or key phrases).
Hords of traffic :)All those are, however, going to happen in the future and require consistent effort over a long period of time. It requires commitment for the long run which is not easy for most people. This is where being a member of a group of like minded individuals who are supporting each other, could help. Not only will you be supported by your peers, you will also feel obligated to keep it up, as you have pledged to others to do so. These are still early days and results are still to be seen. No instant magic buttons here 🙂 Next, I’m going to share with you other activities I’m starting this week. It’s important to do the basics (and I will continue to do so) yet I’m in an urgent need of some income. To that end I’m going to be using some of my skills and acquired tools and set up a quick stream of income. So you see – there is much to look for 🙂 Come visit again to learn all about it!

16 Replies to “Where is all my traffic? (or – a lesson in consistency)”

  1. Ely these are great results,
    Very nice and so very true you described perfectly. It is that simple just need to keep it up.
    Great job and thanks for sharing

  2. Dont get discouraged, keep plugging away.

    While your doing the blog commenting and forum posting, you could learn things like SEO and Videos too. These are more long term forms of traffic, where the forum posting and blog commenting are more quick, short term traffic.

  3. Hey Ely,

    It looks like you are doing a wonderful job so far!

    Don’t worry about the traffic plummeting because it happens to everyone. If I stop writing new articles or sending blog broadcasts, people don’t magically land on my site.

    Blog commenting is fast but it is a serious time consuming task and the same goes for forum signatures.

    The absolute fastest way for a blog to pick up new subscribers, more traffic an all of that is through guest posting.

    Hope that sheds some light on it, take care and good luck on Dean’s Challenge Ely.


    1. Thanks for stopping by Sergio 🙂

      Yes, I know…

      I think it’s easier when you have specific key phrases you are shooting for. Then you can build social signals around them and end up getting search engine traffic. But, when you are branding yourself, search engine traffic (at least at first) has nothing to do with it.

      I’m just trying to expose this personal blog to as many people as possible so it will gather some following.

      See you at the top!

  4. Hey, I think you’re off to a great start. And what better way to get more traffic than to pay fake money to peeps to read! LOL

    Best of luck on your new Blog Eli…I’ll be back


    1. Hey Sharon,

      Thanks for visiting.
      In EA land it’s the real thing (and not fake money 🙂 ) – after all, it got me lots of shares in you, did it not?

      Looking forward to seeing you again…

  5. Hi Ely , great start , we all experience the same traffic up and down ….to keep traffic to a blog it’s really difficult those days , time consuming too…, beside we all want to make some money ….and maybe we should use our precious time to go for it ( i mean money ..) I guess you pick up my guide on How to make your first $$online , it’s a simple system that delivers great results , but i really don’t know how they will take action and benefit . I do! If i’m not wrong the peoples image above you got inside my bonus pack , if so i’m very happy. By writing post it’s difficult to make $$$ unless you get the right KW and you know how to SEO and get a great offer.
    Don’t worry to much about traffic on your blog , i wonder if anybody ever purchase a product reading a post? just my doubt.
    All the best , you made a nice job with this blog.
    Frank Moreno

    1. Hi Frank,
      Thanks for sharing. I’m not sure what guide and bonus package you refer to but I did learn a lot on the few years I’ve been online.
      Yes, you are right about blog traffic 🙂 I do not worry about it much as this blog, for me, is more for branding than for anything else. People who seek me out will find it and learn to know me.

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